Soluciones de monitoreo de vibraciones y protección de maquinaria

SETPOINT. An innovative new series of machinery protection & condition monitoring products and services that delivers complete API 670 compliance, breakthrough technology, and more than 400 years of combined experience. Explore our microsite to discover why B&K Vibro's SETPOINT® system is the right choice for your machinery protection and condition monitoring needs.

Machinery Protection System

SETPOINT Machinery Protection System - Overview

The SETPOINT system features up to 56 channels of vibration monitoring or 84 channels of temperature and process variable monitoring in any mix.  4-, 8-, and 16-slot rack sizes provide maximum flexibility with options for panel, 19” EIA, and bulkhead mounting.  

An optional door and touchscreen display can be mounted such that wiring can land on the front or back of the rack, maximizing installation flexibility.  

Consult our system overview datasheet for comprehensive details regarding architecture, module types and functions, rack sizes and mounting methods, touchscreen display capabilities, configuration and maintenance software, digital communications capabilities, and much more.  Please visit our downloads section for a comprehensive list of the latest firmware and software for the SETPOINT system and individual module types.




A comprehensive online condition monitoring software solution that connects directly to the SETPOINT machinery protection system without need of any additional intervening hardware. It provides powerful visualization tools such as timebase, orbit, spectrum, bode, polar, shaft centerline, multi-variable trend, and other plot types specific to rotating and reciprocating machinery, allowing online condition monitoring analysis and machinery diagnostics. And, it uses the OSIsoft® PI System at its core, meaning many of our customers can use their existing process historian rather buying stand-alone condition monitoring software.


BRÜEL & KJÆR VIBRO: Pioneer in Machine Monitoring Solutions



Full API 670 compliance. Integral touchscreen display. 56 channels in just 19” of rack space. Refreshingly competitive pricing. Ultra-reliable architecture. Dual- and even triple-redundant power.  SIL-ready.  Industry-first full (including waveforms) connectivity to your PI Server.  Embedded ultra-high resolution flight recorder to capture up to one full year of condition monitoring data even without a CM server.  And of course, globally available service via our worldwide B&K Vibro network of partners and factory-direct personnel. Discover why customers all over the world are turning to the SETPOINT® machinery protection system.


Randy Chitwood featuring SETPOINT Condition Monitoring & Machine Protection using OSISoft’s PI integration


Flexible multi-channel vibration monitors for the reliable protection of rotating equipment

VC-18xx series

Cost-effective machine protection for most rotating equipment with either

  • rolling-element bearings 
    • VIBROCONTROL 1850: Monitors casing vibration (using acceleration sensors IEPE/CCS); VIBROCONTROL 1860: Monitors casing vibration (using velocity sensors)
  • or sleeve bearings
    • VIBROCONTROL 1870: Monitors axial position and relative shaft vibration (using displacement sensors)

These instruments provide up to 4 real-time vibration input channels, plus 1 process data and 1 tacho/speed reference input channel. They are extremely flexible due to their modular link concept and can be accessed from remote.

In addition to reliable machine protection, the VIBROCONTROL 18xx series of compact monitors offers condition monitoring and diagnostics functionality. Scalar vibration and process data can be stored and trended as well as the original time waveform signals.Frequency spectra can be post-processed using FFT analysis.

Key Features of VIBROCONTROL 18xx:

  • Up to four vibration channels
  • Additional two channels for process and tacho/speed
  • Four outputs configurable between relays and analog outputs
  • Communication via ethernet, USB, RS-485,offering  OPC UA, Modbus TCP/RTU protocol
  • Time waveform recording and data storage on PC/server
  • User-definable frequency bands
  • Optional software providing a wide range of vibration analyzing and diagnostic functions




Designed for the future

DDAU3 is a flexible, state-of-the-art machine condition monitoring unit. With powerful built-in analysis capabilities, DDAU3 is able to perform today’s most demanding condition monitoring and diagnostic tasks and yet still provide a platform for customization and development for future monitoring requirements.
With more than 20,000 condition monitoring units sold, DDAU is one of Brüel & Kjær Vibro’s biggest success stories. We are proud to introduce the next level of condition monitoring: DDAU3.
Features and benefits to ensuring profitability for your business: 
  • Optimized for systems integration 
  • Scalable and fully flexible
  • Simple to upgrade 
  • Cyber security tailored to your needs
  • Cost-effective and high quality diagnostic services

DDAU3 - Diagnostic Data Acquisition Unit


Connect wherever you want, however you want

Enjoy the flexibility and security of integrating with a single 3rd party platform! DDAU3 integrates effortlessly with SCADA, PLC and OSISoft’s PI system, thus removing the need to learn another reporting tool. 

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is changing the way in how things interact and connect together, the way data is shared and services are provided. IIoT is now able to give a full overview on the health and performance of your assets. Machine condition monitoring technology is gradually moving in this direction but DDAU3 is already there.

You like it wireless? 

The two USB ports can be used for mass storage devices and for Bluetooth or Wireless network adapters. 


Vibration sensors


VC-18xx series

Vibration acceleration sensors for measurement of:

  • Absolute casing or bearing housing vibrations
  • High-frequency vibrations (e.g. up to 20 kHz)
  • Vibrations in gearboxes Vibrations from rolling-element bearings
  • Bearing condition

Vibration velocity sensors for measurement of:

  • Absolute casing or bearing housing vibrations
  • Mid-range frequency vibrations (up to 2 kHz)

Non-contacting displacement sensors  for measurement of:

  • Relative shaft vibration
  • Relative shaft movement
  • Relative shaft expansion
  • Reference signals

Reference and other sensors

Air gap and magnetic flux sensors